The Ghost of My Father (Ninja Gaiden)

by Multi-Memory Controller

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A song on Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo, 1988). Originally submitted as an entry for the Chiptunes = WIN vol.3 compilation. Can Ryu Hayabusa get his revenge?


A flash of the blade, the sad twisting of fate
Blood spilled and dyed by the moon’s light
Your legacy makes no sense to me
Oh father, I must understand why you died

The day after he disappeared, in father's room
I found a letter addressed to me.
Hands trembling, I read it.
Nothing seemed real.
The ancient sword…the Way of the Dragon…
Whoever did this won’t get away.
I will get my revenge!

Where are you? - I am here
Still searching for the final clue
I will fight - ‘till I find
All the answers that I seek

In shadows I’m running, in my hands I’m holding
These mystic statues with power imbued
I’m starting to realize I’m now on the inside
Of a secret race for the future of mankind

Another death, another puzzle piece,
Yet another unsolved mystery.
These cryptic words echo through my ears:
“When a black moon shines,
Light and Dark break apart,
the King of Darkness howls”.

Here I stand – In my hand
The Dragon Sword of my bloodline
I will fight – ‘till I find
The temple’s evil mastermind

Look in my eyes, see the child that has died
The Ghost of My Father will be my guide
You won’t escape the edge of my blade
Nothing will save you from my fiery rage

Who is he – this can’t be!
Father, you must snap out of it
I will fight – for your mind
I won’t let the demon rise

Do not haste
Swiftly strike
When time is right
Plan your move
Catch your breath
For the black moon
Brings creeping death


released August 29, 2014




Multi-Memory Controller Montreal, Québec

Multi-Memory Controller is dedicated to the exploration of hybridization between metal music and chiptunes, and the expansion of video game collective memory through the creation of original 8-Bit Metal songs, each based on individual video games.

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