F​-​Zero Racing

by Multi-Memory Controller

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Based on F-Zero.


The roar of the engines is lagging behind
As we all go over the five hundred miles per hour
(The) landscape's a blur
Colors are melting away in a haze

Ever faster - No time to blink when the walls come crashing at you
Ride on fire - My friend, that's twenty-sixth century racing for you

F-Zero Racing, A sports for the rich
Their money is buying out our will to resist
Capitalism on a cosmic scale
Where under the race tracks the poor slave away

Profit's the logic, I'm a modern man
A bounty hunter with the most primitive code of honor
A hero today, Which is to say
A mercenary yesterday

Show me money - I'll show you whole galaxies where the blind's leading the blind
Get back on track -
Follow my tail light or you'll crash and burn

F-Zero Racing, A high-risk escape
From worlds sterilized and where all life is chained
We pilots have something the rich cannot buy
Up on the race tracks we're living today

Stay put behind or you'll find
There's nowhere you can hide from my ride
And I'll crush you in-between the curved lines

Straight to the sky, come and fly
You must be willing to die
At breakneck speed like we live our lives

F-Zero Racing, collective revenge
On a system that rules us and where no one decides
What do we do with our lives 'till we die
Across the race tracks we're leading the way

Ever faster, Ride on fire forever

There's only one way to find out what you're worth
In this day and age: F-Zero Racing


released January 15, 2013




Multi-Memory Controller Montreal, Québec

Multi-Memory Controller is dedicated to the exploration of hybridization between metal music and chiptunes, and the expansion of video game collective memory through the creation of original 8-Bit Metal songs, each based on individual video games.

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